Book V – Eating Asphalt

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One look at Cadence Mitchell left Glass Jaw eating asphalt. She’s beautiful, and everything he could possibly like, all in one neat package. There’s just one problem… Glass wasn’t in the business of mixing business with pleasure and meeting Cadence was all business. He was finishing a job on the house she was set to buy. Still, you couldn’t accuse the tough-as-nails VP of the Western Washington chapter of the Sacred Hearts MC of not having a soft spot. Especially when it came to this particular damsel in distress…

Cadence has lost everything and has barely pulled herself together enough from the devastation to take care of herself and her seventeen-year-old son. Add moving across the country to the list of demands on her psyche, she’s just about at her breaking point. She doesn’t know what to make of the contractor working on her new home. With her track record for betrayal and heartache, she’s uncertain if she’ll be able to trust anyone ever again.

These two coming together is going to be a lesson in trust, patience, and healing; like neither have had to learn before.



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