Bad news Oreo!!!

The good news is, Broken & Burned The Sacred Hearts MC Book II is completed!


The bad news is, my lovely readers, is that you don’t get it until September 9th, 2014.


The other good news is I’m going to share the back cover blurb thing with you!


So without further ado:

He’s Broken…

Dray, Vice President of the Sacred Hearts MC, watched his mother die in a bloody hail of bullets at the tender age of sixteen. It broke something inside of him and he’s been pretty much pissed off at the world ever since. Worse, he’s done things since that time that have just broken down his soul even further… Dray doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. Then came Everett Moran…

She’s Been Burned…

Evy is having one of the worst days in the history of, well… ever, and she’s seen a lot of rough days. Raised an only child of a single father, Everett finds herself an orphan before she’s even old enough to drink. She knows a thing or two about loss and thanks to her boyfriend, she’s had more than a few lessons in hardship too. Still, she moves through life with a single minded determination to make her circumstances better… She harbors no illusions about life being anything other than what it is, so how in the hell could she have been so blind as to what her boyfriend Jerry was doing!?

Could the worst day of Everett’s life actually turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to her when she pulls into Dray’s garage? Could Everett’s arrival on Dray’s doorstep herald a new beginning for Dray, and heal some of his broken?

So there you have it! The second book in The Sacred Heart’s series is The Vice President Dray’s book.

As ever, thanks for reading and I hope you’re as excited as I am about what comes next for the men of the Sacred Heart!

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