Pssst… Hey guys! It’s Monday Update!

So FYI, I’ve been down for the count most of this week… but that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely out.

I see Bibi Rizer was here and kept you company while I was gone! Excellent! What Bibi forgot to tell you was that you reeeeeeeaaaaaaallly want to buy Objectify Me because it ties directly in with my current work in progress. More on that in a minute…

First off, the cover for Tattered & Torn will be revealed come Tuesday for your viewing pleasure and as you all know, pre-order availability for titles come along with that. Are you excited? I know I’m excited!

The entire SHMC series is completed, along with all their covers at this point so they’re just waiting in the wings. Book Five, Fractured & Formidable is undergoing edits right now and Book Six, Damaged & Dangerous and the conclusion to this first SHMC story arc is waiting in it’s rough state to slide into the editing phase.

Hey! Stop that! No fretting allowed! While those are waiting to go into editing and I am waiting to embark on this urban fantasy joint project with Jeffrey Cook, I am about half way through what just about every fan has been talking/swooning/screaming and demanding I write since Cracked & Crushed… Want a hint? Check out the image below…

Confused? Excellent! My work there is done, but still, a little more on that… You’re really going to want to pick up Bibi Rizer’s Novella Objectify Me, pictured here, before you get your hands on my current work in progress.

Seriously, only us two bitches are crazy enough to directly tie our two worlds together and the result is going to be awesome.

So, the TL;DR version is as follows:

Cover reveal for Tattered & Torn is March 10th, release of Tattered & Torn is March 24th.
Look for the cover of Fractured & Formidable The Sacred Hearts MC Book V sometime in April and the release sometime in July.

Damaged & Dangerous is still TBD then it’s good bye SHMC for a while because new stuff.

New stuff is directly tied in with Bibi Rizer’s latest release Objectify Me so go buy it and read it and have your mind boggled, one because Bibi is an awesome writer and two because how!? Wait, what? What!?

Finally, speaking of new stuff, I am going to get back in it. I love you lots!


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