I’ve been neglectful again, with good reason…

So I’ve been neglecting the blog again, but I have a good reason, I promise. For one I’ve been both writing and editing on four projects and more at a time. Crazy right? Well I’m pretty sure this just might kill me, but I can at least give you a status update on each thing I’ve got going so here we go:

#1 – Cutter’s Hope – The Virtues Trilogy Book I

It’s written, it’s edited, it’s formatted, it’s DONE and up for pre-order right now.

#2 Biker Chicks – Volume 1


It’s written, been edited, has it’s cover art, has been formatted for e-book, and is in it’s final stages of proofing with the authors before being formatted for print book as well. You can get your copy, as it is up for pre-order, right here.

#3 – There But For The Grace – The Angel’s Grace Trilogy Book II


It’s written, in editing, cover art has been commissioned and I should see that by the end of this week. We have a target release date of March 8th, 2016 for this one, so keep an eye out for it.

#4 – Omega’s Run – The Moonforged Trilogy Book II

It’s in the final stages of being written, will go immediately into edits, has it’s cover art (obviously) and no target release date as of yet, but it’s looking like tail end of winter/beginning of spring. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this one, but life happens.

#5 – Marlin’s Faith – The Virtue’s Book II

It’s halfway written with a target release date of sometime early spring, but that’s all I have to report on it right now.

#6 – Biker Chicks – Volume 2

Now taking submissions! Please read the guidelines thoroughly and submit accordingly. If you want to submit, and see how the process is going behind the scenes, (it’s mostly just a bunch of controlled chaos) then friend request me on Facebook and I’ll add you to the Biker Chicks group. (My submission for this one is finished being written and heading into edits.)

#7 – Unnamed Time Travelly Piratey Thing – Stand Alone.

Just finished shaking hands with co-author Eric Plume and taking the time out to do some cursory research with him to make this thing happen. It’s starting to come together but we won’t be writing on it until the following happens (at least on my end):

1. Omega’s Run is finished.
2. Marlin’s Faith is finished.
3. A Coup de Grace – Angel’s Grace Trilogy Book III is started and finished.
(It will be started by the 2nd week in January.)
4. Charity for Nothing – The Virtues Trilogy Book III is started.

So, as you can see, I’m busy. What’s more, is I’m overwhelmed. I am now going to go back to beating my face against my desk and wearing my fingers down to little nubbins. (LOL nubbins. That’s a funny word.)

See you guys later.


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