I’m trying to keep up…

I’ve simply had too many balls in the air as of late.

Marlin’s Faith released this month, and Charity For Nothing is completed and heading into editing today actually. It just came out of beta reads over this last weekend and so far, the feedback has been positive. There have been a lot of questions, from both my beta and loyal readers unafraid to reach out, surrounding the Voodoo Bastards and a potential spin-off series there.

Sadly, no dice. I had and have no intentions of pursuing anything with the Voodoo Bastards from Cutter’s Hope. However, that begs the invariable followup question of what’s next?

Well, I’ve started ‘what’s next’ and it’s called Brother to Brother Book I in the Sacred Brotherhood series. Now I can tell some of you are getting excited already, and some of you have caught it… Sacred? As in The Sacred Hearts? Bingo. I’m going back up north in my fictional little world. My work with The Sacred Hearts MC isn’t done.

If you’re signed up for my mailing list, you got an email last week containing the first chapter of Brother to Brother. Now, I didn’t hear a peep from anyone about it, so I’m hoping people are excited, I know I’m excited. Brother to Brother is Archer’s story, who you met in Damaged & Dangerous along with his foster brothers Rush and Nox, who will also have books in this series. Eventually, I hope to also get to Duracell and Blue, Zeb and maybe even Data.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t mean I’m done completely with The Kraken. I have at least one more book planned with them as well.

So as you can see, I’m plenty busy lately and just moving along. I may not be the most talkative or interactive author out there, but that’s because I am super focused on providing you, my readers, with your drug of choice. More words. What can I say? I’m an enabler.

I need to get back to Brother to Brother, so I’m going to leave off here.

Hopefully, I’ll come up for air and talk soon.



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  1. I’m really excited about the Blue and Duracell book. I’ve read everything else and so looking forward to more sacred heart novels!!! Love the characters!!

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