So. Much. Stuff.

Final edits for Brother to Brother are happening now.

I’m at what would usually be a little beyond the half-way mark for Her Brother’s Keeper in the writing, but I think this one is going to go long by like 100k or so plus. I don’t know yet, we’ll see. I think these characters are making up for how short Archer and Mel ran, their book isn’t my typical 90K plus, but rather clocked in at around 87k; so not much shorter, but shorter than what I’d like.

Biker Chicks 2 is in formatting and being worked on, and instead of an August release like I would have liked, I think I’m going to go September which will still allow for the money to come up at the end of November for B.A.C.A., which is still right on time for aiding in funding their holiday party for their kids they watch over.

I’m getting ready for Capital Indie Book Con, and am starting to pack up orders for Deliciously Dirty in Dallas, so if you haven’t preordered yet, get on to the front page of my website and hit the preorder button to ensure you get what you want. Same for Glass City! Since I am driving to Passion in Portland, you don’t have to worry as much since I will carry more stock than not when I have access to my Jeep, but if I’m flying? You better order ahead! It just makes sense.

I think that is all I can update you on for right now, so I’ll catch everyone later.

Back to work with me!





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    1. I’m still working on it! No release date has been decided yet, I am hoping sometime in October, but again, I won’t know for sure until I have the first draft in the bag.

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