Passionate about Passion in Portland


What an event. I had such a great time, I don’t even know where to begin.

A.J. Harmon throws one hell of a party when it comes to a meet & greet. The drinks were decent and the dessert menu was to die for. Karaoke wasn’t my thing, but it was hilarious watching the brave souls who did get up there and the venue? Nothing short of spectacular from the food to the service to the beauty of it.

Everything was super well organized and efficient, and the information traded among authors and bloggers invaluable.

It’s events like these that will not only help us set an industry standard (which is sorely needed) but also, help our little indie book world grow in a positive direction. (Also sorely needed as of late.)

The photographers present were both professional and polite, which was fantastic, and the models that came were both sweet and professional as well.

Brooke, the official photog, seriously has me rethinking a few things, and I really am contemplating putting Jonny James on one of my covers. Mostly because he has an amazing personality and my husband respects him. That is saying something. That is huge.

Jonny – you’re doing it right! Just keep on keepin’ on honey!

I met some amazing women down in Portland and got to hang out with some amazing women I already knew. I saw networking, open dialogue on what worked and what didn’t for people. I heard laughter and it was an event full of light.

A.J. Harmon has officially set the bar for what an event should be, and it has been set pretty high. I am so excited for next year and can’t wait for Spicy in Spokane.




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