Let’s play a game…

I am writing a book.


Shocker, I know. Seriously, though… I am writing a book but there’s totally a catch this time. I will NOT be publishing this book as A.J. Downey. I won’t be telling you what name I will be publishing it under. I won’t be telling you the title, either. I’ve decided that I’m going to make y’all work for it.


Oh, eventually I will be telling you all of these things but not until the third Indigo Knights book is released. That’s right. The third book, A Low Blue Flame. However, I will tell you, there is a hint at this book in His Cold Blue Command. Or rather, there is a hint about the author.


So this is how this #secretsquirrel project is going to go.


I am going to start writing this book tonight. I am going to update you guys on its progress every step of the way until it’s finished, just like I do with every one of my books. Still, I am going to test my endurance on this one. I will not tell you the title, tell you the name under which it is written, other than to say there is a hint in His Cold Blue Command.


When the book releases. I will tell you. It will have a pretty cover, which I will show you, sans title and author name of course, just to drive you a little nuts. It will be out there and it will NOT be in KU but it will also be way cheaper than I price my usual books. ($1.99 or less as compared to $3.99) and I am telling you now, this book will not be MC but it WILL tie in, in a delightful way to the MC series.


When A Low Blue Flame releases, the mask will be totally off and there will be links provided in the back of A Low Blue Flame to go find this book.


Do you hate me?


I kind of hate me a little right now, too. You’re going to hate me a little more when I tell you – only those who are involved with or attend Books by the Bonfire know anything about this Secret Squirrel project, but don’t think you are going to get anything out of them. They are all sworn to secrecy upon pain of death – and not theirs. If they spill, I will straight murder their favorite characters in the most gut-wrenching way possible. Don’t believe me? Think Reaver only he doesn’t come back.


With that, good luck. May the odds of finding #secretsquirrel project 2017 be ever in your favor.

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