Some Interesting Developments…

I’m doing a lot of ‘never done before’ lately.

For instance, the current manuscript I am working on for A Code Blue Call isn’t the next book in the Indigo Knights series. It actually is supposed to come after at least one title if not more, so it’s missing some details that I am going to have to go back in and add after that book or those books are out.

It is also the first book I’ve done since testing the waters with a couple of PNR’s back when I first started that looks like it is going to come in start to current finish at under 75k words.

It feels weird and I don’t like the feeling, but I know it isn’t going to stay that way. That after I finish the next book or two that is supposed to go in front of this one, that I will have to go back and read through it start to finish and add things here and there to make it complete.

I’ve just never skipped around in my writing processes before like this. It’s new, and I know that life is full of change, but it’s one of those things my brain is severely protesting. It’s not ready for this kind of change but it’s just going to have to get over its self. Change is part of the territory.

I have some other projects I want and need to move on to and this manuscript should be rough draft ready by the end of today. I just still don’t like how short it feels. I mean, right now, it’s like almost 10k short and that just feels unfinished to me.

Again, it won’t stay that way. I just needed to come in here and get it off my chest so I could keep going.

Hopefully, you’ll like what’s coming down the pike. I have a bunch of good but different things coming.


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