Shattered & Scarred: An Update

Shattered & Scarred has been restored!


The epilogue has been re-added to all of the electronic files and to the paperback version of the book and is out in the world!

First things first, here is a handy dandy bullet point walk-through on how to get the updated book file onto your Kindle:

Step 1: Go to your computer and login to your account.
Step 2: Go to Accounts & Lists in the upper right hand corner.
Step 3: Go down to where it says Digital Content and Devices
Step 4: Click on Content and Devices under that heading. 
Step 5: Scroll to the title Shattered & Scarred
Step 6: In blue under the title it should say ‘Update Available’ if it does not, go no further, you already have the updated version. It did it auto-magically. If it does say ‘Update Available…’
Step 7: Click on ‘Update Available’ it should give you a box prompt that gives you the speel about accepting the fact your book content will change and an option to go back or click ‘Update.’ 
Final Step: Click ‘Update’ and you’ve successfully updated your book to include the epilogue!

For paperback replacement, please visit this link and follow the directions: 


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