A jewel in my crown.

That’s right. I’m here to toot my own horn more than a little bit.

Not a lot of people know that I write under two pen names. Yeah, that’s right. I got another one I keep exclusively for writing paranormal romance. Why? Sometimes, I just need a hardcore break from reality and the grit and sweat of the MC and contemporary life – when I do, I go running off and write a stand-alone under the name Timber Philips.

I just completed a novel under that pen name a few days ago, sent it off to editing, and boy I gotta tell you…

It has to be the most fun I’ve had writing a book in a while.

It was my idea. I got a wild hair one night, way back in 2016, and started to wonder what it would be like to get into the plot kitchen and add a little Outlander to some The Curse of Oak Island and throw a little Black Sails in for some flavor.

Then I decided to spice it up and see if a buddy of mine wanted to write the male part to my female part to lighten some of the proverbial load.

Today, I can actually tell you what came of that recipe and the absolute snack looks a lot like this:


Yeah, buddy! This book has it all. Treasure hunting, a hot 18th-century pirate, a spitfire of a modern-day shit-talking heroine, sword fights, gunfire, explosions, treachery, sabotage, murder, mayhem, and smoking hot love scenes. I think this book has every bit of adventure and the kitchen sink for good measure.

Jared KingPacal Lain hoisted the colors of this novel right along with me and it’s the best it could possibly be at this point – and now it’s up for pre-order and will be made available through Kindle Unlimited.

And what better day to release it on than September 19th, or International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Yeah, yeah we did that too.

Please check out Avery and Eamon’s story on Amazon. I promise you can’t go wrong!

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