No Love from The Book of Faces…

Just a quick note here to let you all know, I was banned by Facebook for three days for an innocuous response to one of my co-author’s posts, was reinstated three days later, posted a screenshot of something that is for sale on Facebook’s platform and got banned for seven days for that. Appealed, the post itself was reinstated, but the ban yet remains. I can’t post or comment until the 13th, so expect more out of me by way of newsletters and blog posts because I’ve about had it with Facebook and its ridiculous algorithms that spank its regular users but does literally nothing when it comes to the real predators utilizing it.

So yeah, I’ll be spending more time elsewhere and exploring other options for the next seven days, and just wait for a better platform/option than Facebook to show up on the scene.

Happy Spring, everyone! I’ll be around.

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