We don’t want your kind here…

This is why it’s a really bad idea to be a sex offender in book world. There’s no hiding. There are always receipts… now, some of this is hearsay but most of it is not and without further ado – here we fucking go.

First of all, let’s talk about how this got put on my radar in the first place.

That would be when an event organizer made mention that their event was family friendly and that an author was being removed to negate any drama. So naturally, I back channeled and asked for the tea.

The author in question was known to me as problematic already. A week or two back, she fucked over my bestie by running an anthology for a different signing I had no part in a few months back. She took orders for paperback copies of said anthologies but when it came time to deliver, she didn’t – nor did she deliver the funds for the electronic copies of the book to the designated charity or the event organizer to hand to charity or however the fuck it was supposed to work – I digress. The money that said author was in charge of getting it to where it was supposed to go got up and went but who knows where? I speculated into her own coffers but there’s that whole guilty until proven innocent thing so this is all allegedly right now.

Anyways, I digress, the event organizer for my event let me know that as a result of the aforementioned alleged theft people involved with that mess had started digging and not only discovered that author Robin Andrews AKA Riley Dawson legal name Judy Funk has some other pending legal troubles going on – namely 12 counts of fraud type shit.

You can go to https://micourt.courts.michigan.gov/ click on Public Case Search click on 57th circuit court Allegan County, and put in last name Funk, first name Judy and scroll through the 12 counts that come up and have a look for yourself.

It’s all there.

And yep, this sure looks like Robin Andrews AKA Riley Dawson legal name Judy Funk (7) Judy Funk | Facebook

I’m not sure who did it, but after finding this shit someone decided to look up her husband and this is where shit gets real.

Here. Look for yourself.

Offender Details – Michigan Sex Offender Registry (mspsor.com)

Ah, yep. Looks like the guy standing with her… let’s look at that statute a little closer…

Michigan Legislature – Section 750.520c


But wait. This was just what he plead down to… what was he actually charged with?

MiCOURT Case Search (michigan.gov)

So wait, what’s 1st degree?

Michigan Legislature – Section 750.520b



4th degree child abuse and solicitation, too? Nice.

Isn’t that just fucking great?

Yeah. Get out.

Book world definitely doesn’t want your kind here. Both of you just need to go.

I said what I said.


UPDATE: Seems Judy Robin Funk is just as bad as her husband. She was charged and served probation for 4th-degree child abuse around the same date he was charged. MiCOURT Case Search (michigan.gov)

If I’m reading that right. Thanks to the person that reached out and pointed that out.

4 thoughts on “We don’t want your kind here…

  1. Another one is Toni Michelle Lewis (goes by Toni Michelle in the book world) and is a book editor who frequents the signings. Registered as a child sex offender in Indiana (can be looked up just like the above) plus she owes like 60000 in back child support.

  2. He even LOOKS like a creepy pervert. I pray for his grandkids. Knowing he was creepily taking pictures of kids at a book signing is there anything that can be done for his grandkids/. Like someone calling and doing a welfare check on them children and making sure they’re okay? This is just sick.

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