Tittie Talk

Okay Ladies,
Let’s talk bras.
If it has been more than a year since your last fitting this is what I’m gonna need you to do. Get online and search your area for a bra shop that does fittings for women who are post-mastectomy. I don’t care if you have both your titties! Do this, I’m telling you!
Make an appointment and go get properly fitted. DO NOT go anywhere else! Trust me.
This is especially true for my big-tittied brethren. This will make a world of difference for you.

Now I can only speak for Washington and East Tennessee at this point, but if you are in Western Washington go to https://judysintimateapparel.com/ but NOT THE TACOMA LOCATION. Go to the one in Olympia. I don’t give a fuck if you’re in Everett or anywhere else. Make that fucking drive!

For East Tennessee, I just went to https://positivelybeautifulboutique.com/ and WORTH IT.
The problem with going anyplace mass-produced like Layne Bryant or Victoria’s Secret is – well, there are several problems, actually, but here’s just a couple:
1. They don’t know how to properly measure and fit you. They just don’t. Those types of stores are capitalistic hellscapes and are just interested in getting you in the door and out with merchandise in hand.
2. (And this mostly applies to my big-tittied brethren) they only carry bras up to a certain size and they don’t give a flying fuck if you’re bigger than that. They will cram you into it and gaslight you into kingdom come that it’s a perfect fit to get that commission.
Do yourself and your titties a favor and make an appointment with a shop that is actually going to care about you, your health, and your comfort.
Thank you for attending my tittie talk.

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