Between Brothers – Book IV – Sacred Brotherhood

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Reckless, dangerous, and out of control; these are the words most often applied to the SHMC’s brother Duracell. Which is why no one can understand what the deal is between him and Blue. Blue is none of those things; if anything he’s quiet, shy, and as mild-mannered as they come. There’s no balance between these two yet they are inexplicably a team. Then Blue gets a single look at Hayley, and it’s all it takes for him to know she’s their third.

Is Hayley the woman for them? A match for Blue sure, but strong enough to withstand the bizarre tempest of Cell’s personality? The two MC brothers have set their sights on the waitress and have been patiently feeling her out. Now it’s time to take the next step and see if she’s indeed able to date the both of them.

She’ll either bring balance to the boys, or Cell’s pull will knock them all off balance sending them crashing,  burning them all out before anything can even fully ignite.


The bell above the door rang and I heard Melody say, “Hey guys!” We had regulars, but none of them brought the level of affection and familiarity that whoever walked through the door did to Mel’s voice. It made me turn around. The men who’d walked in belonged to her new husband’s motorcycle club which explained it.

I took the plates of food from the warmer and brought them to the table they went to, setting them down for the two older gentlemen who came in occasionally for lunch. They smiled up at me with murmured thanks and I gave them a nod, slipping my hand into my apron pocket for my pad and pen, heading over to the pair who’d seated themselves at one of my tables.

Strange, you’d think they’d want to sit in Mel’s section…

Cool, liquid gray eyes followed my every movement as I came up the line of booths. I could see the fiery red of the back of his companion’s head and when I stopped at their table and smiled, brown eyes with a fire of their own looked up at me. I asked, “You know what you’ll have to drink?”

The redhead cocked back his head, those deep brown eyes appraising, and he said, “I’ll have a Coke; he’ll have water.”

Strange that he would order for the other one, but I didn’t comment. Instead, I nodded, writing it down and asked, “You know what you want to eat, or do you need a little more time?”

“Give us a minute,” the redhead answered, and I nodded and went to get their drinks. He leaned forward and talked to the silent one with the beautiful eyes and I watched them a moment, while they were otherwise engaged.

“I think Blue likes you.” I startled and Melody laughed lightly.

“Which is which?” I asked.

“Duracell’s the copper top; Blue’s the quiet one.”

“Don’t they have regular names?”

Mel shrugged. “In their world that is their regular name.”


We’d still been hitting up the diner, it being open twenty-four hours, but the change in schedule meant Hayley was off shift way before we got there.

I missed her. She was a kindred spirit, I could see it the moment I’d laid eyes on her; that given half a chance, we’d click. I wanted that. Ached for it fiercely, realizing just how much I was missing out by not having a woman in my life. It was a strange sort of relationship I’d found with Cell, but he was hard and the fact he was so closed off and had so many sharp edges meant that I couldn’t always get what I needed from him. I needed more, and so he’d reluctantly agreed to let me find a woman to join us.

Being his friend was sometimes difficult, loving him was sometimes impossible. It was like we were missing the piece that went between us. Like we almost fit, but we needed that third, and we both knew it.

The only thing I could give Cell was that he had been pretty patient when it came to trying to get Hayley’s attention. She was a shy girl, extremely so, and Cell’s usual way of doing things wasn’t going to work. I’d figured that out the first time we’d met her. So, he’d done the rare thing and had let me take lead in trying to get her to go out with us.

It was a painstaking process because she was so skittish. I started off with just having her get used to seeing us every day. The last six weeks had been hell when it came to that, but this job wasn’t going to last forever and we’d be back on days.

Diary of a Book Coming Together:

1/19/17: Well, the prologue is finished, let’s see where this one takes me shall we? One thing is for sure, Cell’s a douche.

2/7/17: Had to put this on pause for a bit so I could focus on getting some other projects completed and launched. I’m about to start traveling again, so it will be a bit before I com back to this, but when I do it will be in earnest to get it through to completion.

3/15/17: I am into chapter four but chapter three was giving me fits, and still kind of is… I have just so much that needs to be packed into this book in order for the reader to understand the relationship that I’m having to somewhat gloss over a few things to get to the heart of it and the ball rolling. I’m just hoping that people remember that these three have known each other for over a year now, so they’ve got somewhat of a foundation before they take the final plunge.

3/18/17: Been a few hard days of writing but solid progress is being made. I’m probably a quarter of the way or more through the book as a whole. It’s one of the more challenging writes I’ve had to do so far, but the challenge is fun.

3/21/17: First sexy times has gone down. They’re pretty hot if I do say so myself. Time for the semi-awkward morning after bit and to figure out where to go from here.

3/28/17: I’ve been going pretty hard and I’m not about to quit. I’m at 57,000 words give or take and am heading into the downhill slide. I have some heavy emotional shit to go through with these characters and I’m going to sleep on it before I get into it tomorrow. Overall, I am pleased with where this book is going and am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

4/1/17: Well, it went off to the beta readers last night and topped out at around 85,000 words when all was said and done. I’m pretty pleased with it and am just waiting on reactions. Hopefully, it conveys what I was hoping it would.

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  1. oh, this is sounding so good. no doubt you will take us on a ride to remember. this might just be my most anticipated read of the year!

  2. I just finished the book – AJ you knocked it outta the park! I loved the complexity of these three characters. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll wait awhile to comment more. It is definitely an exciting book that I could not put down. The sex scenes are super hot and I fell in love with the characters….yes even Cell.

    1. Because they are Amazon exclusive for the time being. This series will be released as a box set upon completion. Only three more books to go. 🙂

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