Only Fool Riding – Book VII – SHMC PNW

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Sometimes when you feel like you’re overwhelmed and drowning the only thing you have left to do is take a leap of faith…

That wasn’t the type of leap that Ember was poised to make, though. No, she was going to make a very permanent solution to what amounted to some temporary problems.

Until he rode up.

Blackjack was glad he was the only fool riding that night. He managed to stop the girl and calm her down, but it didn’t sit right with him sending her right back into the hell she’d tried to end things to escape from. Still, he did all he could and gave her his number; the rest was up to her.

He never expected her to call, but she did.

Now, he feels responsible for saving her the rest of the way while Ember? She’s discovered that her unlikely savior has some problems of his own.

Maybe they could rescue each other?

Only time would tell.







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