Cognac Secrets – Book IV – Voodoo Bastards MC

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Secrets drip from the past like Spanish moss from the trees…

 On first glance, Bennie seems like the mildest of the brothers within the Voodoo Bastards. Nothing could be further from the truth. Baptized in blood and tempered in the fires of vengeance, club life is a quiet life as compared to what he’s come from. Sometimes, the past has a way of sneaking up on you, though… and for Bennie, it’s in the feelings stirred within his chest on a drunken bender in the Quarter by her emerald green eyes and long dark hair.

Sandrine Starkweather has done her best to claw her way out of her past and takes refuge in the pulse pounding music under the bright lights of Bourbon on her days off. She’s hiding in plain sight, and generally likes to keep it that way until this drunk biker sidles up and smoothly starts dancing with her instead of on her. She can’t resist, the broken in her recognizing the broken in him and what follows is an unlikely friendship that could be dangerous to each of them but in very different ways…

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