Why did this take so long!?

Okay so the whole blogging thing is pretty new but the writing thing is becoming an old hat. Now that you’ve stumbled upon my little world I have to invite you to immerse yourself in it…

For those of you that don’t know me, let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m A.J. and I am an independent romance author who self-publishes through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing feature.

These are the books I have out so far in no particular order:

That being said, if you got to this blog from my amazon author page, well then you know where to get them. If you didn’t get here through my amazon author page well then you can get to my amazon author page this way: click here to go to my amazon author page!
A little anti-climactic but hey, if it works I tend to just roll with it!
As for the initial question on this blog’s post, why did this take so long? Well it’s because I’ve been writing books! Lots and lots of books… in addition to the four above listed novels and novella I am two and a half books into my first series which I will be talking about here in the next couple of days.
Hopefully by the time those couple of days go by you will be tantalized enough to return and find out more! If not, I’m sincerely sorry because you’re going to be missing out on one hell of a ride. *Wink*
Until then…!


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