Armchair Critics

I wonder if people who give three star and lower ratings realize how much it makes an author wonder. I don’t think readers on good reads or even amazon realize how greatly a few simple words helps us as writers to be better.

“***” tells me nothing.

“*** I thought the plot line was too obvious.” Or “*** There were too many grammatical errors” or even “*** The story just wasn’t my thing” are so much more helpful than “***”.

So please, as an independent author, I beg you, if you read it and feel the need to *, **, ***, **** or even *****, drop a one or two sentence note telling us writers WHY you felt it was one star over another! It makes it so much better for me going into a new book, and really does allow me to grow.

You really have no idea just how insightful your musings are to me!

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