What have I been doing?

Well. Let’s see. I put out Shattered & Scarred the Sacred Hearts MC Book I on June 9th. Since then I have finished writing Broken & Burned The Sacred Hearts MC Book II… twice, and have gone over some extensive edits and rewrites with my super heroine, editor/proofreading, BFF, maid of honor, rock star just total woman of awesome, Tracie Warren (Seriously people. You have no idea.)

To top that off, I’ve written about two thirds of Cracked & Crushed the third installment of the Sacred Hearts series.

In short.

I’ve been busy!

It has absolutely no signs of letting up either. My muse is working overtime, kicking ass and taking no prisoners and I’m beat. I need a vacation and unfortunately this means I have had very little time for blogging. Not that it really super matters seeing as I am pretty sure no one reads this one anyways. /shrug.

Still I figured I would get my ass over here and show it a little love anyways. So here you go. An update on what I’ve been doing. OUCH! Shit. Muse is cracking the whip again. /sigh… See you guys later.

Keep the shiny side up!

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