One of the struggles of being an independent author is that you pretty much  have to do it all yourself. Okay, well you don’t have to do it all your self but you most definitely have to have the money to not have to do it all yourself and let’s face it: Most of us are out here doing a nine to five to get by and this whole author thing is something we do for fun or on the side, such as in my case.

What precipitated this particular rant? Well two things actually, but the main one as of right this minute is that once again I am lost in the labyrinth that is formatting things correctly to get my books into paper back for the people disinterested in the e-reader format.

I really wish I had a couple hundred bucks to spare to hand my manuscripts to somebody smarter than me and say ‘here, do this’ but alas I do not and so here I find myself once again at the keys trying to slog through this incomprehensible mess that is getting the headers and page numbers to do what they are supposed to do.

Yep, that’s it, the last stumbling block, the final hurdle… I can’t get the damned headers and page numbers to show up on the pages they are supposed to show up on and leave the pages they are supposed to leave alone, alone.


(That would be the rule that states you must be at least 10% smarter than whatever it is you are trying to operate at any given time. In other words, when it comes to MS Word: the dumb, I has it.)

So instead of drawing a target in the middle of my desk that states ‘bang head here’ I decided to come and whine about it on my blog, which is in essence the same thing just without the resulting concussion.

Someday I will get this down and then I will get to come and write a blog about how awesome I feel for getting un-stupid! I’m still pretty determined to get this all ironed out before Christmas so I have some time. It would be super epic if I could get it figured out and done before my birthday. (End of September if you’re wondering.)

I have some folks in my corner trying to help me out and I’m hoping once I get it done once that I won’t ever have to figure it out again, well, until Microsoft changes word again but I think I have a few more minutes until that happens.

Okay. Enough for now. I’m going to get back to it. Hopefully I will have something positive to report on this sooner rather than later.

Talk at you later!

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