Broken & Burned out 9/9!!

Here is a sneak peek from later on in Broken & Burned The Sacred Hearts MC Book II:

I turned to see a slim girl our age standing at my desk. She wore black from head to toe and her short pixie cut platinum blonde hair was parted on the side and smoothed tight to her head. Her hands were planted on her hips and her bright blue eyes fixed on the motorcycle club patches on my bag.

“Yeah, you can tell me who’s Old Lady you are.” She said and her eyes flicked to mine. Her eyes were familiar but I just couldn’t place them.

“I’m no one’s Old Lady.” I said frowning and her light eyebrows shot into her hairline.

“What’re you doin’ with a bag with Sacred Heart patches all over it then?” she demanded.

“The Vice President, Dray, gave it to me.” I said and my eyebrows knit together. Mandy bit her lower lip and her eyebrows went up.

“Dray!?” the blonde girl asked surprised her cell phone appearing in her hand.

“Now I know you’re lyin’!” she exclaimed and her phone was ringing on speaker in her hand. We still had a half an hour before class but still, I was nonplussed. Not only had she interrupted the conversation with my BFF, she had called me a liar in her next breath. I was getting pissed.

“Yellow?” a male voice through the phone line.

“Hey Cuz, you’re not gonna believe this. There’s this bitch in my class with a backpack covered in Sacred Hearts patches and she’s trying to tell me Dray gave it to her.” She looked at me with cold blue eyes and it was right there at the edge of my mind.

“Mmmm Shells?” the male voice asked.


“You got me on speaker?”


“Girl there?” he asked.

“Oh I’m here.” I said and my voice was strained with the suppression of my temper.

“Irish!” The voice crowed, “That you!?” I closed my eyes.

“Yeah Reaver, it’s me.” I said and put my face in my palm.

“Hey Shells, it’s totally cool! Dray licked her, she’s his. I saw it with my own eyes!” he sounded entirely too happy about it and people in the classroom including my best friend were turning to look at me. My face flamed with embarrassment.

“No shit!?” The blonde pixie haired girl asked.

“Uhhh do I carry a knife every day of the week?” he asked.

“‘nuff said. Thanks Cuz!” the mysterious ‘Shells’ said and hung up on him. She dropped into the seat on my other side and beamed at me.

“Reaver’s your cousin?” I asked.

“Yep! Sorry, so Dray licked you and you’re his now? How does that work?” she asked all trace of hostility gone. I sighed.

“Yes Everett. Do tell.” Mandy crossed her arms.

“As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted,” I said pointedly looking at ‘Shells’

“Shelly.” She stuck out her hand. “I guess you could say my official title is Sacred Heart club whore, I’m no one’s Old Lady, but no one messes with me on account Reaver would flay them alive.” I shook her hand and settled on doing some damage control with Mandy before she throttled me from the suspense.

Again, Broken & Burned, Dray’s story is out next Tuesday, September 9th!

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