Worst Booklaunch Ever

So yesterday was a real treat… Thank you amazon! As most of you know, I hit the publish button at 21:30PST Monday night but for some reason there were significant publication delays world wide for the release of Broken & Burned and it didn’t go through State Side and in the UK until almost 24hrs later!

This left me just as frustrated if not more frustrated than my poor readers trying to download it with no success. To make matters worse I was getting messages from a few more enterprising gals who phoned amazon only to be told the reason my book wasn’t available in their country was because the publisher had chosen not to publish there.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* BULLSHIT! *Cough* *Cough*

I’m a 100% indie author and as such am my own publisher. I would never do that to you guys, especially in the two countries where I get the most love!

All that aside, it’s out now. For reals this time, no more false starts. If you tried in vain to download Broken & Burned yesterday or last night and felt even a little frustrated my offer still stands! Just private message me here, on Good reads, or on Facebook an email address and I will sent you the prologue and first chapter of Cracked & Crushed The Sacred Hearts MC in an exclusive, early, by now not so secret squirrel sneak peak at Reaver’s story.

Again. I am so sorry for the inconvenience yesterday and I am making strides to ensure that it doesn’t happen for Cracked & Crushed come December. Thank you everyone for your patience during yesterday’s fiasco. I really appreciate it.


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