Sneak Peek! Cracked & Crushed The Sacred Hearts MC Book III

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December of 2014
Cracked & Crushed
He’s Cracked…
Reaver has always been a little weird, a little strange, okay MORE than a little of each. His psyche cracked right down the middle a long time ago. He holds the official title of ‘Treasurer’ for the Sacred Hearts MC but he’s much more than that. He’s the club’s enforcer, the one they call on when things need to be done quickly, quietly, efficiently and have no traces left behind. Which is good for Reaver, very good, because it keeps the monster inside his head satisfied and in check for the most part… but then Hayden Michaels entered the picture and Reaver decided that he wanted much more.
She’s Crushed…
The day was supposed to be the happiest day of Hayden’s life, instead it left her crushed beneath a pile of emotional rubble. Is it any surprise that Reaver would be the one to pull her from the emotional wreckage left behind? Sweet, funny, caring Reaver with eyes like the bluest winter skies and a smile that left her breath hitching every time he turned it on her. Trouble is, Reaver has a darker side, one that he has never given Hayden any illusions about. Will it be something Hayden can handle? Or will the cracks his psyche contains be the cracks in the dam that crushes her under a river of never ending pain?
**Mature Audiences Only (18+)**
**Language, Extreme Violence, and Sexual Content including anal & a MFM threesome.**
She sucked in a tremulous deep breath and her beautiful, bright green eyes flicked open and snapped to me.
“You’re back…” and the sound of her voice was the sweetest thing I’d ever heard.
I plucked at the sleeve of her pajamas.
“I threw these away.” I said. She rolled her eyes at me.
“And I rescued them from the trash.” She said.
“No dice. Take ‘em off.” I said and smiled serenely.
“They’re my pajamas Reaver.” She said and I raised an eyebrow.
“I said take ‘em off…” she looked at me and tried to change the subject.
“How did it go?” she asked.
“Got us invited to a beach party tomorrow night.” I said, it was her turn to arch one delicate dark brow.
“I see. So your winning personality won out this time huh?” she said and I laughed softly.
“I’m waiting Hayden.” I said.
“Well you’re going to be waiting a long time.” She said and stuck her tongue out at me and I sailed right over the limits of my self-control. I kicked off my shoes and let my cut fall to the floor. Yeah, the floor, the mother fucking floor, my cut which we treated better than our countries’ flag. I bounded onto the bed and trapped her between my knees.
My cock was straining against my jeans but I didn’t want that, not yet. No, I couldn’t help myself I wanted her fear. Her eyes flashed wide and she put up her hands and I easily captured both her wrists in one of my hands and pinned them both to the bed up over her head.
“Reaver! What are you doing!?” She asked, voice high and breathy with panic and I drank it in like fine wine, letting it soak into every one of my senses. Her heart beat rapidly inside the cage of her ribs, so hard, so fast, like a little rabbit’s, fluttering against the insides of my thighs through the thick denim there.
I looked down on her impersonally. All personality, all feeling bled from my eyes, my features slack and expressionless and met her eyes with that of my stone, cold, killer’s. Her fear ratcheted up a notch and she bucked beneath me.
“Shhhh.” I soothed and it had the opposite effect of the intent of the noise, just like I knew it would. She gasped and went very still when I showed her what I had in my other hand.
“I’m a fucked up individual Hayden.” I said and waited for a moment. “Do you believe me?” I asked her.
“Yes and no.” she said softly, her eyes glued to the black and silver handle of the switchblade in my hand. Her answer perplexed me and would bear further scrutiny later but right now I wanted to play. I needed to play.
“Do you trust me, Hayden?” I asked and my voice was cold and deep. I expected her to say no, to struggle to begin to cry but again she surprised me. She swallowed hard, her expression resolute and she told me, unequivocally,
It was all over her face, in the deepest facets of her eyes, holy fucking shit… She was going to let me do whatever I wanted. I had to test my limits with her. I always had to test my fucking limits… I flicked the switch and the sharp blade came free of the knife’s handle. Hayden sucked in a breath as sharp as the blade and went very, very still. She trusted me, sure, but that didn’t keep her from being afraid and I lapped that shit up.
“I don’t like these pajamas.” I said and snagged the front with the tip of my blade. She looked down her body at me and I carefully punched a hole in the pink cotton. I ran the knife tip along the inside of the material as far as I could go. Up the chest, all the way up the arm the material parting smoothly before the blade, gaping behind it to give me glimpses of her silky smooth skin.
Hayden moaned, she mother fucking moaned and I nearly jizzed in my fucking pants from the sound. Her breast showed through the gaping material, the nipple dusky, a deeper nude against her creamy skin and I wanted so badly to take it into my mouth and turn that little moan into something deeper, throatier… decadent-sweet, a sound I could suck on and have melt on my tongue like fine chocolate.
I captured her eyes with my own and gave her a dark, wickedly sinful smile and cut the ugly ass pajama set off her lithe and sexy body. She glistened with moisture at the apex of her thighs and I wanted to taste her. Finger her and tease her into an orgasm, bury myself balls deep inside of her but I did none of those things, instead I folded the blade back into its hilt and I relinquished her wrists and backed off both her and the bed abruptly. Pulling myself back from the brink, but just barely.
My breath came hot and heavy and I swept her beautiful body with my eyes and wrestled the beast back into its cage. She covered her chest with her arms and curled up hiding her beautiful pussy with it’s barely there wisp of hair from my sight.
“I’m… I…” I was sorry but not in the way she would think. I couldn’t’ bring myself to say it out loud. I didn’t want her to think I didn’t want her because holy mother fucking balls I wanted her so damned bad it felt like my nuts were in a vice right now.
“I’ll buy you something different Baby, I promise.” I said and like a jackass I bolted leaving the door swinging wide behind me. I needed distance I needed away from her right now because what I just did was so not cool, not after yesterday not with the hurt that had been put on her.
Holy fucking shit, what the fuck did I just do?
I needed to get a grip and fast.
Text Copyright © 2014 A.J. Downey
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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  1. ok…I just finished reading, and now… I want the rest!!!! Do u want a massage?
    some coffee? cookies? Anything to make the book faster? haha.
    I love ur books and really hope to keep reading them!

    (a self proclaimed fan from Uruguay (South America))
    And yes… my native language is spanish, so if u find some weird english around… now u know the reason!

  2. Not gonna lie, the massage option sounds tempting! The long hours at the keyboard take their toll on the upper back.

    I'm glad you liked the sneak peek, the book will be out December 9th, 2014 and will be available for pre-order about a month before that. You won't have to wait long for more Sacred Hearts either, I have a novella planned for between books 3 & 4 to ease the withdrawal symptoms just a bit. So look for that too!

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