Cleaning House

Took the time to clean some house over on good reads by combining the two editions of Broken & Burned into one and clarifying both Shattered & Scarred and Broken & Burned’s titles to include what order the books appear in the series.

Additionally, added the as-yet-to-be-released title of Cracked & Crushed to my small but growing pile of titles because *gasp* I’ve been giving a few advanced copies of the work away through Facebook.

I’m not asking for reviews on those giveaways buuuut if someone wanted to leave one it was high time I provided them a place to leave it.

Cracked & Crushed will be available for pre-order in November so keep an eye out for that.
Also, keep an eye on my FB page at The closer we get to release, a few more advanced copies will go out!

I will probably have a giveaway here through my blog as well, so keep an eye out here for an opportunity.

Well until later my lovelies! I just finished writing Book IV of The Sacred Hearts series and it is safely in the hands of my wonderful, beautiful, kind, smart and overworked and severely underpaid editor, Tracie Warren.

You can thank her for the massive improvements to spelling/grammar/punctuation between S&S and B&B and it’s only getting better from here.

Again. Keep an eye out. You never know when I feel like popping off with some goodies!

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