I should probably say something…

It’s been around ten days since I’ve said anything on here. Oops. But not gonna lie, I’ve been super busy.

Book IV (Tattered & Torn) is at the editor’s and like a nervous parent I’m waiting to hear back about this one. I had a lot going on inside these characters heads between the h finally finding the bravery and the will to both speak her truth and come into her own and the H trying to let go of some pretty deeply etched preconceived notions, there was a whole lot of inner dialogue and learning to deal with both things and each other in a healthier more adult way moving forward into a new relationship.

Yeah, that was a mouthful.

Still, everything in this book happened for a reason and I am half afraid that it’s, well… boring. So far my editor assures me it’s not and I really hope that’s true! But I won’t really know for sure until you guys get your hands on it in March.

Woah! Hey! Calm your shit! I can hear several of you exclaiming already, “MARCH!? ASDJKF!”

You guys still have Cracked & Crushed coming in December and unlike a solid three month wait between books, you have Masked & Miserable, Squick’s novella, to tide you over in January/February.

Now, as to why I haven’t been on here… As much as I needed a friggin’ break, the characters in Book V (Tentatively titled Fractured & Formidable) missed it in kindergarten when the finer points of ‘how to wait your turn’ were gone over. Okay, well she was patient, but him not so much but that’s sort of to be expected.

So as soon as the fourth book was finished the characters in Book V threw up their hands and were like “It’s about time bitch!” and so I am a touch over 30,000 words into that one as we speak… er I write at you… yeah. Whatever.

Now being into Book V by 30k words is awesome! I know right where I’m going with this one and I’m moving right along and it’s great… sort of… until I get to the part that’s going to rip my guts out and yours, but it’s fine! I promise! It’ll be fine. Don’t you worry.

(Please don’t stalk me and go Misery on my ass! I like walking without benefit of a cane and would like to continue to do so.)

Books V and VI are heading into some dark territory for me. So you might encounter some whining and whimpering and even some out and out bitching from me in the near future either here or on Facebook. Just ignore me. Sometimes even I need to cope with the ugly things inside my head. So far I haven’t dumber anything down and so far no one has written and screamed at me about what a horrible awful no good very bad person I am so that’s at least something right?


I hope this has been a decent enough update about what’s going on in The Sacred Hearts world.

Looks like six books and a couple of novellas aren’t quite going to finish this thing after all, so you can expect a Book 7 and maybe some bonus short stories. Pretty sure there will be a bonus short story after Book V, depending how long it goes I may tack it on to the end of the novel if it goes over 30 – 40k words it’ll be a .99 center between books V & VI.

I got a lot going on as you can tell with just getting these things on the page. Add to that the blogging and Facebooking and talking with cover artists and now, thanks to all you awesome folks, having to make appointments with tax people to get the income tax side of things straight so I don’t get a spanking from Uncle Sam (Seriously, have you seen that guy? Can we say gross?) I’m a busy girl.

Still, if you message me or respond to something I’ve said, I will *always always always* answer.

Ask one of my Facebook peeps. She messaged me before five this morning my time and my cell phone woke me up and I answered! Sometimes if I am in a groove of things those answers might have a time delay of a day or a week but I ALWAYS answer.

Happy to field questions, love talking about this world, so don’t ever feel like you aren’t worth my time because if it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t exist! You have no idea how incredibly grateful I am for that!

Okay. I’ve rambled way too long on here and need to bounce!

You know where to find me!

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