Independent Everything and a Very Special Thanks!

One of the best things about being an independent author is that you have the ability to network with other independent artists and freelance technical folk for so many different things, all to make your work into a reality. For example, once my book was finished I needed to find a cover artist, that accomplished, I was then able to give my book a face to present to the world. Yay!

My covers are almost all exclusively done by Clarissa Yeo over at Yocla Designs. ( Her prices are reasonable and her art is fantastic and she makes the process extremely easy.

After publishing exclusively on Kindle for a bit, I decided to move in to traditional paperbacks but I had absolutely no clue on how to format the interior of my book. Rather than pay money to a big corporation, I instead went to Lia Rees over at Free Your Words! ( Again, she is independent, her prices are reasonable and she does fantastic work with a fine attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the product I am getting from Lia, however, as part of the process of putting my book into print, she suggested I publish under my own mark rather than just my name to give the whole book a more polished look, and so Second Circle Press was born:

But wait, I needed a logo! I write books and can’t draw to save my life and so I turned to a very dear friend and graphic artist of mine, Giovanny Anglin and yet another independent artist! This is what he came up with for me:

I am both extremely lucky and blessed in equal measure to know such fine independent artists and I definitely encourage you to check any of these three fine individuals out for your publishing needs! As independent artists we need to pay it forward and keep each other working.
Because Gio has been such a very good friend of mine for such a very long time I told him I would do my best to help him out and asked him to send me his contact information and a list of his rates for me: Being the graphic artist/genius he is he sent this along:
Giovanny is multi-talented, so if you are looking for more than just a logo, I suggest you contact him. He is indeed capable of doing cover art in addition to business logos, I just prefer the artistic styling of Clarissa Yeo’s cover designs for my romance books as opposed to Gio’s style and you know what? He gets that and is good with that because he, like Lia and Clarissa, is a professional.
TL;DR version: If you are an aspiring author ready to take the next step, or an independent business owner who happens to need a logo/business card/flyer designed or whatever, give these guys a try! They are all three most excellent at what they do. 

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  1. Ah A.J. – I agree that Lia Rees at Free Your Words! ( is fantastic! So, I am assuming that the other independents you are sharing are also great. Thanks for the resources. Your book(s) are going to look fantastic!

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