Monday Update 1/19/15!

Books 1 – 3 of the SHMC series are officially in print! I’ve ordered a case of each for the seller’s event and can I just say? OWE, THAT HURT!

You can find them either on Createspace or on Amazon via my author page. Here are the links for each, purely for your convenience, of course.

Shattered & Scarred

Broken & Burned

Cracked & Crushed

Want your copy signed but live out in the boonies? If there is enough interest I may set up a PO box that you can ship them to. Just write your address clearly on a 3×5 index card and send it with the books. I will handle return shipping. – Something like that. If this interests you, leave a comment!
Book 4 came out of it’s edits, underwent some rewrites to the tune of an additional 2,500+ words and went into the first round of beta reads within the Sacred Circle. 4 ladies tore into it and have done a fabulous job of ferreting out typos and mistakes either missed by editing or that were created during rewrites. So thank you Melanie Beswick, Sherelle Ross, Jennifer Mitsada, and Deanna Bewley Davis!

Additionally, a beta copy went to Paula Simoes Batista who is absolutely grinding it out right now. Not only is she hard at work on the trailer for Book 4, she’s working on 4 other trailers for 4 other books! I hope those authors love and appreciate her as much as I do!
Tracie Warren is working on Book 5’s edits and don’t you worry, I’m keeping Lia Rees busy too. She’s finished with formatting 3.5 for print and it is in it’s proofing stage so I have her designing stickers for a swag pack.

A lot of last week was the frustration of trolling through stock image sites looking for THE PERFECT Dray, Zander, Ghost, etc. It’s a hard life when you have to spend days at a time looking at hot guy after hot guy trying to find the perfect one, let me tell you. I had the whole Sacred Circle going crazy.

So now the question is, what’s going on THIS WEEK?

Well this week is going to be a lot of organization. Sorting through any errors the beta readers have come up with. Working on the swag packs and dealing with the piles of shipments that are going to be coming in.

Additionally, I will continue to write on the military romance stand-alone novel/novella I am working on…

So a lot to do just not a lot to say about it. *Shrug*

Anyways. I need to get back to the grind over here. Any questions, leave them below! You know I am good about getting back to folks. 🙂 Until later, much love and happy reading!


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