Way to make me look all professional and S%&#!!!

As all of you probably know, technowidgetry is not exactly my strong suit. I write books. I write sexy books, I write characters and worlds in unbelievably fantastic ways but you put a laptop in front of me and tell me to make a picture or write some code… Yeah I’ll probably beat you to death with said laptop after 10 minutes of trying. My brain can’t handle it. It just plain isn’t wired that way.

So total score when designer was like, hey thanks for helping me out, want me to do something with the glaring white wall that is your blog?

To borrow a saying of Reaver’s: Does the Pope shit in the woods!?

So for those of you that might not get the reference…

1. Translation: YES.

2. Go buy my books so you get what the hell I am talking about. *wicked evil grin*

So yeah. The place got a spiffy makeover, two book minded people helped each other out and all in all I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s been a good friggin’ day and this place might get a little more attention now.


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