Monday Update!

Monday Update!

If you haven’t already gotten into them, you should probably catch up on the first three books in the series because 3.5 may be a cute little novella, but it packs a hell of an emotional punch!

Just ask some of the folks who have gotten to read it!

Jennifer says:

“I am in awe!!! M/M is not this author’s standard style but she did this perfectly! A.J. Downey pulls you into her story, I could feel the needle on my arm, and ended the book thinking I needed to go get a new tat. The story of Andy (Squick) and Aaron is a novella but wasn’t rush and flowed seamlessly. I do highly recommend that you read the first 3 of this series as the other characters are in this story as well, and I personally hate to feel like I missed something when they are talking about past events. I know for a fact that A.J. Downey’s books are a one click for me. Cant wait to see what happens next!!!”

Melanie said this about Masked & Miserable:

“I’ve never read M/M before so wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a sweet, heart warming story of finding love, coming out and the true meaning of brotherhood.

I highly recommend this book and that you also read Book 1: Shattered & Scarred, Book 2: Broken & Burned and Book 3: Cracked & Crushed if you haven’t already to get the full experience, and just because they are that good.”

You still have time to pick up and read through the first three novels of my series, Masked & Miserable goes live, 2/9/15 and if that wasn’t quite enough to convince you, Sherelle Ross had this to say:


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