Reality – check check check?

*Tap tap tap*

Is this thing on? Oh. Good. How you all doing today? Good? Awesome! Glad to see it.

I uh, wanted to take a minute here to ask some of my genre… What is your fucking deal lately?


We’re all here, we all write MC Romance / Erotica and there is absolutely no reason for some of the bullshit I see flying.

Take a look around you at these fabulous women and yes, even some men too, who read us. Do you see any of them talking about just *one* author?


That’s because people don’t read just one book. Books are like potato chips. You can’t have just one. These wonderful people who read my work read your work too, as well they should! My work is okay, your work is fabulous. What’s more? There is always room for more.

We, the grounded authors of our genre, the ones who have been writing it for a while, should be welcoming new writers with their worlds and MC’s with open arms. So why am I hearing about established authors ripping on newbie authors with baseless threats and accusations?

Seriously. Take some fucking Midol. Bust out the chocolate and the whiskey and get over yourself! There is plenty of room for all of us here just like there are plenty of readers out there that will read you then me and the new girl and will still be wanting the new you or new me and the new girl a couple of months from now when we get our shit together and hit that publish button for the next big thing in our series or world.

There’s no reason for anyone to be insecure on the indie circuit and there is every reason to be a positive force and help our fellow indie authors succeed. You don’t have to like me, or the new girl or the next person after that. We’re not Facebook statuses. We’re authors. I love me some Laurell K. Hamilton, I loathe me some Anne Rice. They both write vampires, that’s about where their similarities end.

Same. With. Us.

My MC boys are protective and loving Alpha males which has some girls calling foul, the next girls guys are rough and tough and are borderline if not outright ass holes but they have their place in their world just like my guys have their place in mine.

Doesn’t mean Suzy Q Public isn’t going to read me over you or vice versa. If anything, she’ll give us both a try.

TL;DR version of this?

I am not better. You are not worse. We are just different. Every author needs to stay in their lane and keep on keepin’ on!

Thank you.

*Folds up soapbox and exits stage left.*

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