Monday, Monday, Monday… time for an update!

Monday, Monday, Monday… time for an update!

I spent a chunk of the Super Bowl readying my books to take to I <3 Books this coming Saturday.

You can get all the info here:

After the Super Bowl I spent a good portion of my time wallowing and drowning my sorrows in a giant ass bag of Skittles which are so *not* on my meal plan.

(I still don’t want to talk about it if that’s okay with you. Some traumas run deep. That loss was one of them.)

This week will be a whole lot of just me getting my shit together and shipping some shit out. I have a chunk of books I still need to send to ASOT. (Authors Supporting Our Troops) I have a shipment I need to make to my soldier buddy over in BFE Turkey somewhere, and last but not least, I have a signed copy of Shattered & Scarred plus some miscellaneous other Swag to send off to my winner Sarah from last week’s give away.

I have no idea if any of it will actually ship this week, more than likely they will all ship next week, but I at least have to try and get it all together this week. It’s on my list of things to do.

I’m almost finished getting ready for the I <3 Books event. Still a few things to do. It’s looking good though.

Other than that, there isn’t much for me to report. Have a safe and happy week and if you’re local, I’ll see you at I < 3 Books on Saturday!

Oh and trailer –

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