Monday Update!

Happy Monday and boy do I have a lot to talk about!

So on Saturday I was at the AFK Elixirs & Eatery pedaling my books with 9 other fabulous authors. I’ve got some pictures here! Give me but a moment…

Set up was completed around 1 o’clock – (the event started at 2) allowing me to help out elsewhere!
Things got started quickly and it wasn’t long before my first copy walked away!
The man with the plan and the organizer of the event, Jeffrey Cook.
The event from my POV.
Here I am! You can see that my stack of Shattered & Scarred is quickly diminishing. A huge thank you to the people who came out and to my street team, specifically Deanna, Sherelle, Melanie and Jennifer for creating teasers and for hooking me up with such an amazing multi-media display. It ran just about the whole event and made my display rather eye catching! You guys are the best!
As the night wore on, I just had to sample the drink created in my honor by the AFK. The Shattered & Scarred was at the top of the drink menu and consisted of Blackmaker, (a root beer flavored liqueur), Bacardi 151, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, Bitters, and Cherry Coke. It was surprisingly good and led to some serious fun times. It was like someone looked at my mouth and shouted “Release the Kraken” because suddenly it wasn’t enough for me to sell my books, I started selling the author’s next to me at my table. Seriously. Go buy Rachel’s book Core of Confliction. Aliens with swords. She has Aliens with mother&^%ing swords in her book!
Action shot! I would like to say that it was super busy like this just about the entire time in our section but the people in this particular shot are actually most of the other authors that were socializing. I was the only romance specific author in attendance. Contemporary romance at that. Everyone else was a sci-fi or fantasy writer and given the venue I was even more the redheaded step child as far as genre’s go! That was okay though! Because of loyal, loving and you know, my exceptionally horny fan base I managed to sell quite a few copies! No thanks to my tagline when people would stop to look at my books. They would peruse the covers and as soon as they made eye contact with me I would say it… “Hi! I write porn!” The expressions were priceless and had the whole section busting up. I think I was a one woman peanut gallery and I had no problem with that!
The end of the night, about an hour after the sellers event dried up and blew away, I was still at my table with my friend Tor, nomming on some dinner when a bachelorette party took up residency at two tables near ours. They were blowing up these giant penis balloons and I was like, you know what? I write porn and I’m going to make this chick’s night. So I gave her a free copy of Shattered & Scarred. She snatched the book, screamed “I LOVE LITERARY PORN!” to which the rest of the section busted up laughing and I signed her book for her. “Congratulations on getting married, you’re going to need this… A.J. Downey” It was the perfect end to the night! Especially when they popped one of the balloons and I got to yell, “That just brought a whole new meaning to popping a boner!”
So you can see I had quite the eventful Saturday. I can’t wait for the next one. Finally, today is going to be a busy day! Why? Because it’s LAUNCH DAY!!!
So if you haven’t bought your copy yet, please do so. It may be short but you don’t want to miss it!
Until next Monday. Peace, love and happy reading!

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