Hot Button Series – Issue 1 – Newbie Authors Pay Attention!

So I’ve been writing a new book but that doesn’t keep me from lurking and I’ve seen a few of the great debates and even a new one come up the last few days causing a bit of a dust up. Nothing major. Still, I figured it was high time for one of my opinionated posts and let’s face it… I haven’t sat down and done a proper post or Monday update in a while so here goes…

#1 Imagery authors use to promote their books / copyright laws…

We’ve all seen it. We all look for it. Those little tastes, those tiny snippets of your favorite author’s book about to come out. They’re all over facebook, twitter, tumblr and yes. Even I have one very loyal and extremely creative street team who make them.

I mean check this out:

They’re a great marketing tool and we all love them but then it happens… Someone posts one and oh look… their hero looks suspiciously like Justin Bieber or like that one dude from that one show… heeeeeey, it is that guy!

Not. Cool.

So you’re telling me, weeks later when you’re having a melt down over your book being pirated that you don’t feel like that might just be just a little bit of karma in action? I mean it was okay when you were using stolen or pirated images to promote your book, but now that it’s your shit being ripped off, it’s a problem?

Yeah. Don’t think so cupcake.

But I don’t know where to find…

Ah! Nope! Nope! Nope! Stop right there! (They have photos and video for you to use!)

Wait, what’s that song playing on that trailer? Oh. You stole that too… how nice…

But this all costs money!

Yes. Yes it does. The first thing I learned about this whole writing books independently thing is that you have to spend money to make money. My first book I dropped around $200 into to get it into any kind of shape to be seen, cover art, some editing (not very good at $50 – 100 bucks mind you) and when I got my first royalty check I was already further into the hole with putting out my second book.

You have to spend money to make money doing this.

Cover art, Editing, and yes, even promoting because if you don’t want people laughing at you for having stolen Sons of Anarchy footage in your book trailer, then I suggest you shell out and do it right/have it done right.

Bottom line, I’m sure you’ve noticed that this post is coming out quite a bit snarky. There is a reason for that. I hate hypocritical assholes. Now I know it’s totally a newbie mistake, I made it my self in the beginning, but when someone, and that someone is me, tells you about it and you tell me you understand and two or three weeks later there is a fresh batch of stolen images promoting your book… Well that tends to piss me off. Especially when those images are clearly of a famous actor from a notable television show.

No I’m not naming names, don’t even bother to PM me about it.

Seriously. Do it right the first time and you never have to do it again… It’s true and I’m here to help if anyone needs more resources or ideas. There are a lot of free trials on these stock sites that you can take advantage of and load up on images for your book or series if you would just put in a little time and effort before taking the plunge.

Due diligence.

These are things a budding author needs in spades. There is no reason to rip off another artist or artists to get a handhold in this industry. We are all indie and we all make the indie world go ’round. Let’s keep it beautiful and keep it honest and for the love of God, legal, please?

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