So much to do… so little time…

So, book four of the SHMC series, Tattered & Torn launches tomorrow. *Yay!*

Sending one of these suckers out into the world is and always will be fairly difficult. It’s not just for me but for any author really. You send your bouncing baby book out into the world and hope against hope you won’t end up screaming that a dingo ate it. (I’m looking at you Goodreads!)
I always send these out fairly confident, the first few days roll by and the reviews are fairly positive and then BAM! It hits you, that one star review out of left field that leaves you feeling like the dude in the painting ‘the scream’. You know the one I’m talking about… then you get all depressed for days, a few more rough reviews roll through, or they don’t, and the good reviews pile up a bit more and you get back up and over it and start working on the next big thing… Which in my case is done, and so is the one after that and I’m almost done with the one after that.
What does that mean?
It means I am damned busy with edits is what that also means is these characters are beating on the gates in my brain and I can’t stop writing or I’m afraid I will lose their magic… It means I am one very tired author with no end in sight but the writing and refining and editing and tinkering… That’s the fun part! I don’t mind that part, like at all and I wish I could do more of it.
Good thing I have finally reached a place where I have some really incredible people in my corner who are helping me out, I could not do any of this without my PA and Street Team, you can actually find them in the dedication to this book.
So Tattered & Torn launches tomorrow… I get a lot of people that want me to be more excited when I launch a book and I have moments where it is exciting but mostly, I just want a nap. A lot more exciting things are coming in the near future, some will be announced tomorrow some will just appear but yeah. I’ve got so many plates spinning I’m surprised I’ve only had one crash so far but it was a good one to have crash.
I’m babbling when I need to get back to book writing so I am going to cut this here. Much love, keep on keepin’ on, and I hope you guys enjoy the book!

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