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This book grabbed me from the very first page!!… Data has been my secret fantasy and I love how his book has turned out! I just knew he would be everything I would want in a man!           – Goodreads reviewer


Title: A Brother’s Secret
Series: The Sacred Brotherhood Book V
Author:  A.J. Downey
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 5, 2017
Cover designed by: Dar Albert from Wicked Smart Designs
Data has
always been the quiet brother on the fringes of the club. Always there when you
need him, but never quite fully engaged. That’s because he’s been harboring a
secret. Long before he joined the club, he had a friend who meant the world to
him; she disappeared, prompting Data to search for her… he’s been looking ever

mysterious message appears on an internet forum:
Does anyone remember Amalia Rose?

Of course
he does, and he will stop at nothing to get her back. His secret is out, and
life is about to change for everyone in some surprising ways.


“I’ve loved you since the third grade Amalia Rose Junix. Nothing about that ever
changed and I never thought for a minute you left by any means other than foul
play.” I sighed and she laid her head back down, cuddling close. I could feel
the tension returning to her muscles and I wished I hadn’t said anything now. I
could feel her going back on the defensive and she was always on the defensive.
She may have loved her daddy, but I don’t think her daddy really knew how to
love her back, at least not by traditional standards. Not with all the shit he
put her through.
She came from the epitome of a fucked-up broken home and the scars from that ran deep.
They were deeper than skin, deeper than blood and bone. These scars weren’t
something that could probably ever be fixed, but I didn’t care. I loved her for
who she was, damage and all, difficult as that sometimes made her.
At least, with Mali, I would never, ever, be bored.
“No more secrets, no more games,” she murmured. “Not between us.”
“No games, no secrets,” I agreed immediately.
“I missed there even being an ‘us’ so much,” she said and she shivered against me, the
same sort of shudder she gave when we were kids and she was fending off tears.
The same sort of shudder that always led someone to ask ‘are you all right?’
which of course led to Mali blowing up in their face in over-compensation to
prove that she was just fine.
I didn’t fall for the trap, I just held her a little closer and smoothed my hand up and
down her sexy, toned thigh and said, “Yeah, me too. You have no idea how much.”
She huffed a bit of an incredulous laugh and I smiled, too. If there were anyone on
the planet who knew or had any idea, yeah, it would be her. I didn’t know
exactly where to go from here. What to say, or if I should ask, and I didn’t
want to ruin this carefully cultivated calm. Seriously. We were safe here, even
though we couldn’t stay here forever, for obvious reasons. We had time, though.
Time before we had to make a move.
“Sleep, for now, baby. We’ll deal with it tomorrow.”
“Pretty sure it is tomorrow, and I like that.”
“Like what?”
“That you call me ‘baby’ so easy, like you’ve always said it.”
I chuckled and kissed the crown of her head. If she only knew how many times I
struggled not to say it in the weeks and months leading up to her sudden
disappearance. Or how many hours I searched internet back alleys, how much time
I spent immersed in the dark web muttering over and over, ‘Where are you,
baby?’ into the dark.
Amalia had been mine for a long, long, time. She just didn’t know it then, and I’d had
no way to tell her.
“You really like it?” I asked, a little worried by her sudden silence. “You’re not
just saying that?”
She pushed herself up, twisting to look down at me. Her lips echoing the movement
by twisting into a wry smile that warmed her eyes to a deep caramel.
“I love it,” she whispered and brought her mouth down to mine for a lingering,
decadent, sweet kiss that had my dick stirring beneath the sheets all over
again. She didn’t hesitate to go exploring, wrapping sure but gentle fingers
around me; stroking me to life the rest of the way.




In The Series


Melody Beswick thought she was
bringing herself and her thirteen month old son home to his father. It was her
last ditch effort to make a better life for her and her boy. One in which Noah
had a father to look up to and guide him. While she knew Grinder wasn’t perfect,
she believed in him, and love always found a way, right?
Melody never thought her dreams for herself and her son could twist into such
nightmares, and that it was so true, the old adage, that the road to hell is
paved with good intentions. She’s about to find out that another adage is true,
that sometimes it’s better the devil you know, when instead of finding Grinder,
it’s his cold and critical brother Archer at the end of her long drive that she
must contend with.

With no other options, and no place else to go, Melody is about to make a deal
with this devil that she can’t refuse. Who knew it could, quite possibly, be
the best decision she’s ever made?

Fate introduces people at both the right and the wrong times…
So it is for Maren on the absolute worst day imaginable. When all hope was gone, and she was whittled away to little more than tears and despair, up walks Nox, an unlikely hero to save the day. Maren is about to discover that sometimes the good guys wear black, and there are times that the lines between good and evil blur beyond recognition.
Nox is a bad man with a heart of gold, or so it seems. It also seems that Maren has captured that heart with her wide, tear filled brown eyes. Nox never saw himself going for jailbait before, but that’s just what Maren is, all woman trapped in a seventeen year old package. Still, what he wouldn’t do for her, including taking on the unlikely role of keeper to her unruly preteen brother.
This mess could end beautifully or in some serious time spent behind bars for Nox, but sometimes, it’s worth risking it all.
Rush had always been the brother that was the most up for adventure. Then Grinder died and he realized that it was time to slow down. Fast-forward by a year and more and his older brother Archer had found Mel. Hell, his own twin was with a woman of his own! Rush is starting to get restless again, which was just perfect. Cue a string of anonymous hook-ups and one night stands. It was enough to feed the restlessness for a while, then an adventure of sorts came a callin’ by way of the VP’s estranged aunt and the President’s sister-in-law.
Her daughter was in need of some kind of white knight, which Rush could care less about, but the white knight routine did come with a pretty big perk. It would mean that he got to go back to a job that had, once upon a time, felt like a calling.
Of course, nothing was ever easy where Rush was concerned, especially when he actually set eyes on the damsel in distress. One, she wasn’t some paper princess, and two, she definitely didn’t want him around. After all, one-night hook-ups were supposed to be just that… one and done.
 Reckless, dangerous, and out of control; these are the words most often applied to the SHMC’s brother Duracell. Which is why no one can understand what the deal is between him and Blue. Blue is none of those things; if anything he’s quiet, shy, and as mild-mannered as they come. There’s no balance between these two yet they are inexplicably a team. Then Blue gets a single look at Hayley, and it’s all it takes for him to know she’s their third.

Is Hayley the woman for them? A match for Blue sure, but strong enough to withstand the bizarre tempest of Cell’s personality? The two MC brothers have set their sights on the waitress and have been patiently feeling her out. Now it’s time to take the next step and see if she’s indeed able to date the both of them.

She’ll either bring balance to the boys, or Cell’s pull will knock them all off balance and send them crashing, burning them all out before anything can even fully ignite.


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A.J. Downey is a born and raised
Seattle, WA Native. She finds inspiration from her surroundings, through the
people she meets and likely as a byproduct of way too much caffeine.
She has lived many places and
done many things though mostly through her own imagination… An avid reader all
of her life it’s now her turn to try and give back a little, entertaining as
she has been entertained.
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  1. I love the Sacred Hearts and Sacred Brotherhood series. I would love to see Dragon get a book of his own, and see Trigger and Ashton be able to have a baby, against all odds. Just wishful thinking on my part.

    1. I love both series and like you want to get Dragon’s HEA; but most of all deeply down id absolutely LOVE to see Trigger and Ashton have a miracle baby of their own. We all know Ashton would be an awesome mom as trigger would be a great Dad.

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