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Sometimes, I get messages from y’all asking about different characters with unresolved, or without storylines from certain series.

If you really want to see a certain character’s story rattled out to completion, you seriously need to tell me. If I’ve stopped writing a particular series, it’s because the returns weren’t there. If a series doesn’t sell, I can’t always keep going with it. I mean, this is my job after all… I do this to make money so my cats can have a better life.

If a particular series isn’t making the dough in order for that to happen, sometimes, and as much as it might break my heart to do it, I have to move on to something I know that will.

When that happens, we definitely run into characters that don’t feel quite complete or characters that you love that you are dying to read that don’t get their own story as much as I wanted to write their story. By dropping me a message, email, or even a comment somewhere on social media you’re showing me that story really does indeed have an audience and since y’all are the ones paying my bills, you’re effectively the boss.

If somebody keeps getting brought up by multiple people, you’re making it more likely they’ll get their own book.

So keep pushin’ to have your favorite side character’s voice heard.

This isn’t a matter of ‘if they write it, they will come’ as is proven by a few projects sitting fallow in my files. I write what you all want to read most days. Very rarely am I a selfish hoe and writing what I want to write for the sake of writing it.

So, let me know… who you missing?

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