Co-writing ain’t easy…

This is why I am so, unbelievably, impressed with Jared KingPacal Lain. We’ve been working together since the pandemic started (and you can’t get more socially distanced than Washington to Tennesee) when I asked if he’d be interested in collaborating on a couple of projects.

I honestly didn’t expect him to give me an enthusiastic ‘uh, yes‘ let alone that our styles would mesh so incredibly well, but the biggest factor when it came to my amazement was that this fool can keep up. Despite working his ass off at a day job that can leave him so tired some nights he falls asleep mid-sentence on his wife.

Not only that, I confess there are points I am no peach to work with. I fully admit I can be cranky, short, and downright cantankerous in some of my creative endeavors. I get an idea in my head and sometimes it absolutely has to be on the page no matter what, and I can’t be talked around it or out of it. Jared has not only been cool about these moments, but he’s also rolled with ’em like they were nothing and he’s even managed to finesse me out of a few of them with concise arguments as to why we should go a different direction. Add to that my perfectionist ways, how I can be so exacting and demanding, I’m surprised he’s still putting up with my ass.

Our first joint project went live, sadly a little quietly, in July and was a paranormal time travelling romance written under my other pen name, Timber Philips. It was a fabulous, action-packed fun ride from start to finish with pirates, treasure hunting, swashbuckling, and the whole nine yards. Once it was done, I couldn’t wait to get started on something I’d had percolating in the back of my mind for the better part of a year by then.

This new project was going to require a test of Jared’s writing mettle in that it was:

  1. Contemporary (which is a lot harder to write than you all think without the SFX of magic and mysticism.)
  2. MFM -meaning he would be writing two POV’s and thus the majority of the book.
  3. It was new territory for me in that it was my first foray into dark romance so there would be points we would both be winging it.

He took to the challenge like a fish to water and I honestly can’t tell you how damn fucking proud of him that I am.

He went from “I have no idea what the hell I am doing when it comes to this self-publishing thing” to a seasoned freaking author in the span of fewer than two books. Now, for the sequel to this contemporary piece we’ve written, (which is about to release on January 15th, 2021 and is available for preorder now) Jared is taking the reins more and more and is even telling me how this is going to go and what we’re going to do instead of vice versa.

He impresses me with his innovations with action and storyline more and more every day and I can’t wait for you all to read Triple Threat when it’s out.

So, if you haven’t already, go get it now. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the grit, the realness, the passion and the romance of this first book of two to be released – but not the only thing to come in this world of Indigo City Darker.

Oh, no… we’ve got lots of plans. This is just the first of many dark romance novels we have ideas for.

If you want to read more about Triple Threat, you can find it in my catalog already. I’m hoping to have some excerpts up as soon as it’s out of editing. Same with getting it out to my ARC readers.

I’m telling you, I love Lach, Sadie, and Roan unlike I have loved any of my characters that have come before. I can’t wait for you to be introduced to their world of mercenary work and murder for hire. Likewise, I can’t wait for you to fall in love with Jared’s writing as much as I have.

I’m pushing him super hard to write faster mostly because I want to see what happens next, but also because I can’t wait to get this out to you guys. So seriously – look for all things Triple Threat and Double Shot coming up because if you miss anything, you’re only going to have yourself to blame, and when you finally come around to it? Blame yourself you will for not having gotten to it sooner.



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