Tonight! January 25th, 2022 9pm EST

Good morning my lovelies! I will be appearing with Kain1117 on his Twitch channel to discuss all things books, voice-over, and Deadlands at 9pm Eastern sharp!

There are various ways to participate in this event.

1. Just go to the web address provided at the allotted time, sit back, and enjoy the show.

2. Sign up for a free twitch account in order to participate in the chat, ask questions, and interact!

3. If you want to show Kain117 some love and appreciation and you have an Amazon Prime account, you can throw him a month-long subscription at no cost to you (but it will certainly help him out) and that’s that!

So tune in tonight at 9pm while we discuss my upcoming Timber Philips title The Sinner & His Saint and the gaming origins behind it, as well as what projects Kain1117 will be narrating for audiobook in partnership with the Neighborhood Studio Atlanta.

This and a whole lot more, again, tonight at 9pm Eastern!

2 thoughts on “Tonight! January 25th, 2022 9pm EST

  1. Can you please let know if the rest of the Virtues serious is going to be put on Audible,

    Thank you

    1. Cutter’s Hope and Marlin’s Faith are already available. Charity for Nothing is in production now!

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