I love spooky shit, don’t you?

For years this blog has kind of sort of floundered with nothing to it because let’s face it… if it isn’t really about romance I honestly haven’t known what to write and so it just kind of… sits here.

Today I kind of realized, that it’s my blog and I can do what I want and what I want to do is write about one of my very favorite things which is spooky shit.

What kind of spooky shit do I like?

Pretty much everything from true crime to unsolved mysteries, to ghost stories to cryptids. (Yeah, I may be from the Pacific Northwest, but Mothman is my homie.)

To that end, one of the things that I’ve been up to from signing to signing lately is checking out the ghostly history of the places I’ve been going as a sort of treat for myself for getting through another barrage of peopling which for my anxiety-riddled self is hard as fuck to do.

I figured a good place to document where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to is here – so why not?

I’ve had three signings this summer and I’ve been through and done some cool spooky shit at each one so here in the near future, I’ll try and catch y’all up.

Until then, you get to sit and marinate with this for a little while. I promise to get to it, though, and make this blog worth reading to a few of you who like spooky shit, too!




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