Cemetery Walk in Montgomery, Alabama

I told you I’d be back and this time it’s with my little side adventure in Montgomery, Alabama after the Capital City Author Event. My friend and one of the voice actors for the audio versions of several of my novels accompanied me on this trip. Clit was eager to go on this one because it was in his hometown of Montgomery. After setting up and a long day of signing and talking with readers, we had some dinner and got some sleep intending to hit a couple of places on our way out of town.

The next morning, we found ourselves at a local cemetery not far from the hotel and convention center at all! It took me a while to realize that this place wasn’t just old, it was actually a cluster of several small cemeteries that had pretty much merged into one big one.

I broke out the kindle version of one of my very favorite books on this drive/walk-through and had a field day telling Clint all about the secret meanings behind a lot of the iconography on the various graves.

In case you’re curious about that book, you can find it on Amazon here: Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography

Here are a few of the wonderful snaps I took while going through before the heat of the day could really take hold:







So yeah, it was a good walk, a good day, and kind of cool looking at the monument for Hank Williams Sr. and his wife Audrey.

The next stop in my signing hop this summer was in Charleston, SC, and boy, am I excited to share some of the places I got to see there!

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