Haunts in the Holy City: Charleston, SC

I absolutely loved my time at Lust in the Lowcountry in Charleston, SC. I loved the historical nature of the city even more. While I was too poor to take one of the guided ghostly walking tours, I did happen upon this lovely self-guided walking tour book while I was elsewhere. It was wonderfully written and I highly recommend it if you plan on visiting Charleston anytime soon.

Charleston Mysteries: Ghostly Haunts in the Holy City

It was the last stop listed in this book that captured my imagination the most, and I was not disappointed in dining there.

Poogan’s Porch has been a Charleston institution since the 70’s featuring fresh farm-to-table eats and upscale takes on down-home southern cooking.

The best part about this restaurant for me is that it’s very haunted.

I was especially delighted when upon walking through the door photos of the ghostly inhabitants of the old victorian home turned dining establishment graced the wall in the entryway. You don’t get to see that very often!

Poogan’s Porch is named after a dog that sort of came with the house when it was bought (center). The pooch was abandoned by the previous owners of the home as the people who bought the old victorian did so with the intention of renovating it and turning it into a restaurant. Poogan stayed on for many, many years greeting patrons from the front porch as they came to indulge in the spectacular fare the place had to offer. It only made sense to name the place after old Poogan, a name that has endured to this day. Poogan’s legacy is preserved in that Poogan’s Porch is a dog-friendly establishment. All you have to do is walk up to the host station and say “Table for X and X dog(s)” and they’re happy to take you.

The (arguably) most famous ghost at Poogan’s Porch is Zoe St. Amand. She has appeared multiple times, and most famously the story is people staying in the hotel next door to the restaurant have called the police reporting an older woman wearing black had been left behind and locked in the building after hours as she has been seen from the hotel’s windows through one of the restaurant windows waving.

I don’t want to tell any more tales as I really do encourage you to pick yourself up a copy or two of books about ghosts in Charleston and to do some exploring of your own.

Finally, did you know that Charleston has a pre-revolutionary war dungeon that is still in existence as a tourist attraction? Furthermore, did you know this dungeon held the real-life “gentleman pirate” Stede Bonnet before his execution?


You can even walk right up to the outside as seen here! I didn’t go inside, sadly it was after visiting hours, but oh… the things I saw and want to go back and see in this wonderful, wonderful city. I am really hoping that I have cause to return someday – or the money to return for a weekend vacation would be nice too! Lord knows, I need a break. Next time I go, I’ll have to bring a copy of The Water’s Edge and leave it for somebody to find! (Which, in case you didn’t know, I am also Timber Philips!) Anyway, I took a ton more photos in Charleston of churches and graveyards, of gas lamps and glorious, glorious architecture… someday, I am really going to have to write a book set there just for the sake of indulging in reminiscing about it. It truly is a remarkable little city.


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