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Picking up after the events of The Sacred Hearts MC this series showcases the forming relationships of the newer brothers introduced towards the end of the previous series and puts answers to some of the lingering questions that may have been left behind. If you started with The Sacred Brotherhood first, not to worry, The Sacred Hearts MC can be read as a prequel to this series.

Brother to Brother – Melody Beswick is desperate and can think of only one man to run to: the father of her son. When she arrives, however, Grinder is gone and it’s his brother, Archer, she must contend with. Archer, who is less than happy to see them. Sometimes it takes everything going wrong to make things right.

Her Brother’s Keeper – A chance encounter in her checkout line just before Christmas with Sacred Heart brother Nox is about to change everything for seventeen-year-old Maren and her brother Sage. Not every hero wears a cape. Sometimes they wear black leather and ride a Harley.

Brother In Arms – A one-night-stand comes back to haunt Sacred Hearts member Rush in just about the biggest way possible when his VP asks for help with a little family matter involving his cousin Bailey. Too late, Rush has once again rushed into things and committed. He just doesn’t know how hard yet.

Between Brothers – Cell and Blue have been working on their waitress Hayley for the better part of a year to get her to go out with them. Blue knows she requires patience but of course, Cell has none. Will this relationship explode with passion or will it just explode? When Cell is in the mix, who knows what will happen?

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