The Sacred Brotherhood Box Set Vol. 2

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Picking up after the events of The Sacred Hearts MC this series showcases the forming relationships of the newer brothers introduced towards the end of the previous series and puts answers to some of the lingering questions that may have been left behind. If you started with The Sacred Brotherhood first, not to worry, The Sacred Hearts MC can be read as a prequel to this series.

A Brother’s Secret – Does anyone remember Amalia Rose? Data does, and in fact, she is the biggest secret he has ever kept from his brothers. Now it’s a race against the clock for him to find and rescue his first love from some unknown danger. Of course, Mali isn’t exactly a damsel in distress.

A Brother At My Back – The system has failed Tiffany yet again. This time, by letting her ex out of prison early. She needs a devil stronger than the one she knows is coming. Enter Zeb of the Sacred Hearts. She’s about to find out that there are two sides to every coin and the club’s reputation is well deserved.

A Brother’s Salvation – A devastating accident, a singular moment in time, a chance encounter in a cemetery. The question is, who is whose salvation? Is she Dragon’s or is Dragon hers?


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  1. Help! Love the Sacred Brotherhood series! However, in the book about Rush & Bailey there is reference to Reaver faking his death! Which book is that?! I’ve read the book where he saves Hayden at the alter.

    1. Fractured & Formidable and Damaged & Dangerous in that order, but please do try to avoid spoilers in the future!

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