The Indigo Knights Boxset – Vol. 1

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The Indigo Knights Boxset Vol 1 contains books 1-3 of the Indigo Knights series. A lighter MC series made up of blue-collar individuals in law enforcement and other first responder types. These bad boys are the good guys and oh so hard to resist.

Book 1 – Her Thin Blue Lifeline – When homicide detective Tony ‘Youngblood’ McCormick is called to a scene at a familiar address, he never expected to pull up outside his old flame’s apartment. Defense attorney Chrissy Franco has been shot, and her one-time boyfriend has caught the case. It’s a second-chance romance fraught with danger in this thrilling opener to the Indigo Knights series.

Book 2 – His Cold Blue Command – Against his better judgment, ADA Damien ‘Yale’ Parnell has hired the cute young lady from the coffee shop across the street from the District Attorney’s offices to clean his apartment. Aly Blaylock is intrigued by the dark cutting gaze of the hot DA that’s hired her on, and she can’t help the wicked attraction she has for him…. of course, the feeling is mutual and he can’t help how he feels, either.

Book 3 – A Low Blue Flame – Firefighter Emmett ‘Backdraft’ Caulder couldn’t help but run interference for the woman having her heart torn out publicly at his MC’s favorite watering hole. He took her home and away from the creep she was with, but no good deed goes unpunished. He didn’t even really get her name, but now he can’t get her out of his mind. It would seem fate has other ideas for these perfect strangers in the big city, and their reunion was just as much chance as their initial meeting. Now to see if their love can be built to withstand the hottest flame… and the fire is rushing towards them.

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