The Indigo Knights Boxset – Vol. 2

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The Indigo Knights Boxset Vol 2 contains books 4-6 of the Indigo Knights series. A lighter MC series made up of blue-collar individuals in law enforcement and other first responder types. These bad boys are the good guys and oh so hard to resist.

Book 4 – His Wild Blue Rose – Rodrigo ‘Golden’ Martinez is the club’s golden boy, and he uses that to his advantage to get laid as often as possible. Prices in the city keep rising and he has no interest in giving up his apartment and so a new roommate it is. Alyssa Glenn is a fresh divorcee out of a nightmare of a marriage and would give anything to feel safe again – and what place is safer than moving in with a cop? She just didn’t expect him to be such a playboy. When these two find some common ground the sparks begin to fly and Golden finds himself tempted by Lys who could make an honest man of him yet.

Book 5 – Her Pained Blue Silence – Most relationships don’t start with a man nailing a woman to a tree, but that’s just what Darrin ‘Narcos’ Rutledge had to do to save Everleigh Tate from certain death. He couldn’t afford to blow his cover with the Knights of Crescentia, a dangerous motorcycle gang he’s been attempting to make a case against for over a year, living deep undercover within their ranks. He’s done horrible things in his life, sure, but none as horrible as what he had to do to Everleigh, and now? Now he would do anything to keep her safe and make it up to her… but how? Keeping her alive is a good start.

Book 6 – A Code Blue Call – It was a dark night of the soul for Paramedic Ramiro ‘Angel’ Martinez the night he almost took his own life. Then she fell outside his live-aboard boat and turned his sorrow into a night of joy… but then she was gone. Disappeared into the unknown the very next morning. Now, years later, it was time for Angel to save Claire Montgomery back, when he responds to a call for a woman unresponsive, an apparent attempt at suicide. She gave him a reason to live, now he hopes to return the favor, and their love becomes something special in the bargain.

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