The Indigo Knights Boxset – Vol. 3

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The Indigo Knights Boxset Vol 3 contains books 7-9 of the Indigo Knights series. A lighter MC series made up of blue-collar individuals in law enforcement and other first responder types. These bad boys are the good guys and oh so hard to resist.

Book 7 – Her Reluctant Blue Cavalier – Skids is the president of the Indigo Knights MC, and he also owns a bar and grill with his VP Reflash. It’s an odd choice of a line of work, being the lead bartender and a recovering alcoholic but he loves his job and is passionate about it. He’s also passionate about the safety of his staff, especially that of Coco, a young prima ballerina that’s thirty-two years his junior. There’s absolutely nothing father-like about it, either and that makes Skids uncomfortable. Not Coco, though. She has her sights set on her boss and she’s far more confident about matching up than he is. Question is, will Skids get out of his own way where this monumental age gap is concerned or will he miss out on some of the best times of his life?

Book 8 – Forged Under Blue Fire – Hector ‘Oz’ Jones isn’t a beat cop, he’s the club’s only correctional officer working in the Indigo City jail processing inmates and keeping order. Still, when gunfire erupted out on the sunny sidewalk, Oz took action and saved the day, stopping the bad guy, but sadly not without collateral damage. Elka Köhler’s sister was dead and she was devastated yet still grateful for Oz, the man who stopped the violence and who has been there for her ever since that fateful day. Still, a dark secret looms from the shadows over this couple and it’s of a magnitude that should be impossible to overcome. Still, sometimes love finds a way.

Book 9 – Under A Blue Moon – Saylor’s welcome to Indigo City was less than stellar; car jacked, assaulted, and all her worldly goods taken to impound after her car was totaled; if she didn’t have bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all. Enter Jeremy Poe, beat cop and member of the Indigo Knights. He doesn’t know what it is about the petite musician with the mismatched eyes, but he goes against the grain of everything he’s been trained to do and takes a chance on her, taking her under his wing. Their lives couldn’t be more different, but that ends up being the magic that bonds them together – learning about each other and finding that against all odds and stations in life, they just fit.


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