Monday Update & My FB presence.

I’ve been somewhat neglecting the blog as of late and truthfully, that’s because I maintain a much bigger Facebook presence these days. I will try to be better about this. I’m sorry. One of the things I do on my Facebook page is a thing I call Monday Update which recaps everything I did in the previous week and lays out all my plans for the coming week.

They don’t always end up matching up perfectly, but it gives folks a pretty good idea of what I am up to when it comes to the books. This Monday Update was no exception so I will now use the magic of copy and paste to fill in all you non-Facebook users who would like to know what’s up:

Aaand it’s another Monday Update!

Last week was quite productive, the internals for books 1 and 3 of the SHMC series have been completed for the print versions of those books. Book 3.5 has been shipped to the lovely Lia Rees for the same treatment and book 4 has been sent to my editor for it’s first round of edits.

I deleted the entire back half of book 5, and by that I mean I only saved Chapters 1-19 of a 32 chapter book. Not to worry though, I have already rewritten up through chapter 21. My goal is to have book 5 finished and to the editor by the time book 4 comes back to me but I am not going to sweat it if I don’t quite make that goal.

Because of Lia at, starting with book 3.5, the novella that comes between books 3 & 4, I will be able to release the books in paperback simultaneously with the ebook versions.

About my book pricing: Interestingly enough I make about .34 cents less a copy in royalties for the paperback than I do for the ecopy of my books. That being said, with the paperbacks looking to cost around $10.99 a piece, if you buy a paperback of my book, I am not charging you anything for the ecopy. I have set up my kindle matchbook that way on purpose.

I mean it when I say that I am writing these for your entertainment and mine and that it’s not about the money. The money is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I make sure to put a better quality product out there with what I make. IE: I am dropping a decent bit of coin to make the subsequent novels I write better in quality and I even go back and revisit the ones that have gone before to improve them.

I want you guys to be happy and I try to go a little above and beyond to accomplish that goal.

So what’s going on this week?

Well, Lia is hard at work on the back covers for books 1 & 3 of the SHMC series. The proof for book 2 has been sent back in to correct a very minor printing issue with the cover, and hopefully by the end of this week or next I will be ordering proofs for books 1-3 to go over.

Book 4 is at Tracie, my editor’s, but this is her finals week so a big shout out and good thoughts and well wishes to Tracie Warren! Kick some ass sister! As soon as she’s done with finals she assures me she’ll be diving head first into book 4 and won’t come up for air until she’s done.

I will be working diligently on book 5 and making it mesh with book 4 and book 6, even if it does mean I rip my heart out even more than I already have. Book 4 was extremely difficult to write for me, having to be inside the head of a depressed person who is also the survivor of some pretty heavy violence… yeah. The level of awkward and hurty badness in book 4… well, for all you angst lovers, book 4 is for you. Book 5 is much better on that front and for that I am grateful.

So that’s what’s up with me for this week. Writing book 5, throwing feedback on the print versions of books 1-3.5 and just generally grinding it out. It’s a stressful time of year with the holidays coming up so wish me luck and all and keep an eye out, only a week and a day left before Cracked & Crushed The Sacred Hearts MC Book III and everybody’s favorite psycho’s story hits those Kindles and Kindle reading apps!

Much love, and if you don’t hear from me until next Monday… well you know why!

Oh yeah, and for you non-FB users, here’s a couple of teasers that have been making the rounds over there for Cracked & Crushed:

Until next Monday!!!


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