Another Monday – Another Update!

So last week has probably been the most disastrous and unproductive week thus far since I started this little writing adventure. Mostly because I hurt myself in a grand way on Thanksgiving which required me to see a doctor from all the pain I was in on Tuesday which put me on Vicodin for the rest of the week.

Seriously. Drugs are bad. Mmmkay? Only thing worse than drugs is trying to write while on them which was so not happening.

I was in such bad shape, I had to stay home from my day job on both Wednesday and Thursday because of it. Can I just say ewe?

I tried valiantly to keep up and get things accomplished in other spheres while down for the count and realizing that I couldn’t do any of it, partially from a lack of the proper tools and partially because of a realization that if I continued to attempt to handle it all myself you guys would never get another book again… On Sunday, I reached my limit and tearfully began typing and begging for help…

Oh my fucking God. I was completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and the people willing to jump up, jump in and create a street team for me thereby allowing me to get back to doing what I do best – writing books.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who formed A.J.’s Sacred Circle (A play on both The Sacred Hearts MC and my imprint of Second Circle Press) my very own street team out to spread the word about my books and to keep my social calendar much less messy while I work my ass off on writing this series and other projects that are coming down the line.

I got in a nasty fight with some dirty pirates this week. Some enterprising ass hole had five of my books posted up on a site for free which was soul crushing. Why soul crushing? Because the site gave a convenient little count on how many copies of my book I lost royalties on.

The number of copies was in the thousands between all of the books, predominantly the number of copies lost were of Shattered & Scarred and Broken & Burned though. To say the least, I was not pleased. Not. At. All. They got one hell of a nasty-gram from me and my books were down in less than 24hrs, but still. Damage done.

I don’t have much to report on the print side of things. Lia has been hard at work on the internals for the first three books and so there isn’t much to show you visually but she assures me that the print covers for books 1 and 3 will be underway and finished by the end of the week, maybe next barring any catastrophes.

This week I have a lot going on. For a lot of people out there wondering why I don’t do giveaways of any electronic copies of my books. It’s sadly because I don’t have the technology… Seriously.
I work and write all my books exclusively on a Surface RT. It’s amazing, and I love it, however, in order to format my books in a .mobi or .epub format, all roads lead to Calibre… which is a program you have to download and install and guess what?

The Surface RT is not a Surface Pro 3 and it wants an app for that! There is no app. I need a computer. I have a sad and sorry desktop at home which is in need of a physical and mental evaluation and checkup. It goes to the computer doctor tonight. When I get it back, I should be able to get the whole file extension thing sorted hopefully if not by the end of this week, then by the end of next week.

You’ll know when that’s accomplished, trust me. So please be patient and I promise to sort things with my street team and put out the word when some copies can be freed up.

This week I hope to get back to finishing book 5 of the SHMC series. It’s going to take weeks for book 4 to go through the editing process and that’s okay. The big news of the week is really that CRACKED & CRUSHED GOES LIVE TOMORROW!!!

Can you believe it!? Reaver’s story is finally here!

Doesn’t mean I get to stop, or catch my breath. Nope, all it means is that I will be eagerly skulking in the background like a nervous parent to see what you think of my latest brain child. I hope you like it. Not even going to lie. I’m scared.

This has been one exceedingly long Monday Update, so I am going to quit while I am ahead. If you have any questions, ask ’em! I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as I can. I love talking to you guys.

Until later!

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